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Call for Papers

Authors are now invited to submit research articles to the WI 2021 conference.

Two contribution formats are offered: 

Full papers present completed research work in detail. They may not exceed a maximum of 15 pages (including title, abstract, bibliography, appendices as well as author details and acknowledgements for revised contributions). 

Short papers represent current research and development work. They may, but do not have to, reflect a completed research paper. They may not exceed a length of 4 pages (including title, abstract, appendices as well as author details and acknowledgements for revised contributions; exclusive bibliography). 

Please note: Both the full papers and our short papers will be included in the proceedings. The articles finally accepted in one of the main tracks will be published in the AIS eLibrary and by another reputable publisher (more information will follow soon). A maximum of five articles can be submitted per author.

Instructions for submission

  1. Use our template, which you will find under “Information for Authors”.
  2. Check the important data
  3. Before submitting, please check the formatting requirements stated in the template to avoid common mistakes that could lead to your submission being rejected. However, if the instructions in the template and in this Call for Papers contradict each other (e.g. page length), the instructions on this page will always take precedence.
  4. Each author must register for the conference system ConfTool:
  5. Access the conference system to upload contributions and check the status of your contribution

Review process

The evaluation process is a multi-stage one. After the initial submission, the contributions are roughly reviewed by the Associate Editors. Contributions that do not meet the formal criteria will be rejected by a “Fast and Constructive AE Reject”. The remaining submissions are then distributed to the reviewers. The reviewers evaluate the contributions according to their quality and decide on further revisions.

Each contribution will receive a comprehensive review and recommendations for revision. The revised contribution must then be submitted to the conference system by 16/11/2020 together with a response to the reviewers’ comments and will be reviewed by the AE’s before the final decision on acceptance or rejection is made.

Accepted contributions must then be entered into the conference system in a form suitable for publication (with authors and affiliations).

No further adjustments may be made to the content of the paper. We ask the authors to include the author’s name, affiliation, and e-mail address. Authors of short papers are asked to create a poster. The deadline for poster submission is 17/01/2021.