The Doctoral Consortium for PhD students of Information Systems will take place in Duisburg on Sunday and Monday, March 7th and 8th, 2021.

04/10/2020:    Submission of the short version (exposé)

15./11/2020:       Invitation

21/02/2021:    Submission of the extended version

07-08/03/2021:  Doctoral Consortium

Why is participating at the Doctoral Consortium worthwhile?

The Doctoral Consortium of the WI2021 serves to further develop the dissertation projects of the selected participants through coaching and high-quality feedback from experienced professors outside the university. Furthermore, the exchange with other doctoral students is encouraged. The target group are PhD students in Information Systems (or a related discipline) in the second or third year of their PhD.

Application process

The basis for a selection is a three-page exposé (short version) of the dissertation project. The submitted exposés will be reviewed by the participating professors with regard to significance and motivation of the research question, the scientific and technical quality of the thesis, the potential contribution of the applicant to the Doctoral Consortium and the potential benefit for the applicant. The PhD students with the 20 best exposés will be invited to the Doctoral Consortium and are then asked to submit an extended version.

Guidelines for the exposé:

• 3 pages plus bibliography (no specific template required) • in English • the author’s name can be included

Guidelines for the extended version:

• 10 pages (analogous to the research contributions of the WI2021) • in English • the author’s name can be included Presentations during the Doctoral Consortium can be held either in German or English.

Please submit your exposés for the Doctoral Consortium via the submission system:

Consortium Chair


Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik

Lehrstuhl für Digital Industrial Service Systems