Shaping Smart Cities - Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg Challenge

Driven by the United Nations' sustainability goals and municipal "smart city" initiatives, new "smart neighborhoods" are increasingly emerging in our cities, but citizens' expectations of digital services are also rising in existing neighborhoods. Likewise, well-maintained, sophisticated and target-group-oriented recreational facilities, parks, playgrounds and green spaces in cemeteries are also part of sustainable and "smart" cities. Citizens have high expectations of the cleanliness, attractiveness, safety and sustainability of such facilities. Developments and trends such as climate change, zero waste or urban gardening place additional demands on smart space development.

With the "Smart Park" Challenge, we offer you the opportunity to contribute your own ideas in the context of "Smart City" and to develop innovative concepts for public green spaces. There are no limits to your creativity here. Use both your private experience and knowledge of what people want as well as your IT know-how to develop forward-looking use cases for the smart parks of the future.

Of course, we won't leave you on your own during the development process, but will provide coaches from WBD's digitization projects to support you. In three to four teams of three to five participants each, you will work on concepts - and, depending on your previous knowledge, gladly on a prototype - under methodical guidance. The concepts will be presented to a jury at the end. The team with the best idea from the jury's point of view will be awarded a prize!

Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg (WBD) as a municipal company ensures a clean cityscape and makes the city of Duisburg sustainable, livable and attractive and reliably facilitates everyday life with smart services. The core tasks of WBD include: Waste disposal, city cleaning, city drainage, planning and maintenance of playgrounds, operation of the municipal cemeteries and the crematorium, maintenance of green spaces, parks and botanical gardens, maintenance of the entire urban infrastructure such as roads, paths, squares, bridge structures, parking guidance systems and traffic signal systems and flood protection, watercourse maintenance and watercourse development).

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